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Electric Hummer pickup will debut in Super Bowl 54 ad, report says

It's apparently not a full-blown return of the Hummer brand, however.

Hummer H3T

It's the return of Hummer. And not just any Hummer, but an electric one, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. 

General Motors plans to showcase the reborn icon, the report says, during an advertisement set to run during Super Bowl 54 on Feb. 2. The newspaper's sources said GM has tapped NBA all-star LeBron James as the face of the commercial. GM declined to comment for this story.

There's a catch, though. Instead of a total return of the Hummer brand, this electric Hummer will reportedly be sold under the GMC brand. We likely won't see a Hummer dealership network return. This also plays into previous information that mentioned an electric GMC Sierra that's in the works. An electric Cadillac Escalade is also rumored.

Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, previously told Roadshow all available information points to this reborn Hummer pickup as a 2021 model. Production will begin at the Detroit-Hamtramck production plant, which GM's agreement with the United Auto Workers spared last year. Following the pickup, there could also be a Hummer SUV joining the pickup in 2023.

The first electric pickup will likely ride on what's known as the BT1 platform. GM has poured resources into this utility platform for electric vehicles, which mixes the "skateboard" platform design common of EVs with the traditional body-on-frame style.

This space is set to get crowded really quickly. Numerous newcomers and legacy automakers have electric pickups in the pipeline. Ford plans for an electric F-150, Rivian will soon launch its RT1 and there's the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, to name just a few.

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