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Electric Ford F-150's frunk stars in patent application

Owners won't even need to open the area we typically call the hood for easy access.

Ford hasn't said much about its electric truck, but it did pull of a fun stunt earlier this year with a prototype.

An electric pickup truck. Say that to somebody 10 years ago and there would be laughter. Today, an electric pickup isn't exactly a reality, but it's close.

Ford is one of many automakers and startups (seriously, there are tons) working on an electric truck, and the Blue Oval's will be a version of its breadwinning F-150. With the revolution obviously comes the ability to rethink cargo space, so it's no surprise we bring you patent images of the electric F-150's front trunk. For short, and kind of for fun too, we call this area a frunk.

Car and Driver first reported Wednesday on the patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which shows the frunk in basic images. Ford filed the patent application in October 2018, but it was just published on Tuesday.

Ford F-150 electric frunk patent application image

Hello, frunk.


The images show owners won't even need to lift the frunk up to access the space, believe it or not. Instead, the grille can open, and that provides a gateway to the area. Inside there are two bins, and the patent application images show there will be a lot of lights to keep things illuminated.

As a party trick, the area that slides out from the grille can also do a bit of shape-shifting, sort of. The first bin can swing out to the right side, which then provides access to the rearmost bin.

These are just very, very small nuggets of information on an incredibly big product for Ford. While Ford loves to use the word "icon" in a marketing sense, the F-150 truly is one. Prepping it for zero-emission duty will be no small task if it's to live up to its famed reputation. Expect the drip-drip of info to continue before we see the electric F-150, likely sometime in 2021.

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