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Electric DeLorean hands-on video is 1.21 gigawatts of awesome

We've gone hands-on with the prototype electric DeLorean -- check out our detailed video walkthrough.

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CNET UK has gone hands-on with an electric version of the iconic DeLorean of Back to the Future fame. Hit play on the video above to get a video tour of the electric-powered marvel.

We heard that the DeLorean Motor Company was working on an electric version of the Marty McFly-ferrying DMC-12 way back in October, and now we've finally had a chance to find out what's bubbling under the bonnet.

The car's makers have taken all the combustion gubbins out, replacing the petrol-guzzling guts with rechargeable batteries. There are cells in the boot and under the bonnet, and each cell stores 3V worth of charge.

When fully charged the DeLorean has 35kW of power. There's no Flux Capacitor, but some of the tech inside the car is Flux branded, just to please Back to the Future nerds (it worked -- we can confirm we're pleased).

In terms of range, expect to get 70 miles on an all-American highway, or 100 miles if you're driving in the city. The electric DeLorean should charge completely in about three hours.

It has a top speed of 120mph and can achieve 0-60 in 4.8 seconds -- handy for escaping Libyans who are trying to get their plutonium back.

The inside's been given a modern makeover too, with the gear-shift stick replaced with a control dial. There are three buttons to open the gull-wing doors, and a sat-nav and iPod dock are also in place.

The DeLorean Motor Company -- which isn't associated with the now-bust original manufacturer, but uses the same name -- is working on a follow-up prototype, with a focus on better range and increased power. Fingers crossed there's a version we can buy soon.

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