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Eclipse offers new in-dash nav at CES 2009 (photos)

CNET Car Tech posts photos of the Eclipse AVN726E and AVN4430 at the 2009 CES.

Eclipse showed off two cool new products at CES 2009, an all-in-one in-dash navigation and media unit, and docking head unit for a TomTom GPS device. The all-in-one AVN726E goes a long way towards turning your old beater into a high-tech machine, with navigation, Bluetooth, and multimedia playback. The AVN4430 works as a compromise between a portable nav unit and an integrated in-dash nav. A TomTom GPS easily docks with the unit, giving you navigation in the car, or you can take the TomTom out and use it in other cars. We also checked out a few other things in the Eclipse booth, including a customized Ford Flex.

See photos of Eclipse's car stereo lineup at CES 2009.