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Eclipse AVN726e features 3D maps (review)

The Eclipse AVN726e will cover most users' hands-free calling, navigation, and audio/visual needs in a single installation. It is also an excellent starting point for system builders.

Check out the full review of the Eclipse AVN726e. Corinne Schulze/CNET

The AVN726e, Eclipse's newest double-DIN DVD/navigation receiver, was making a name for itself even before it was released to the public, as it was named Best of Innovations at CES 2009 in the In-Vehicle Navigation/Telematics/ITS product category. We were too busy being wowed by its sibling, the Eclipse AVN4430, to take notice.

However, after spending time with the AVN726e, we find there's a lot to love about this navigation receiver, including its bright LCD, snappy response times, and particularly its beautiful 3D navigation maps. The maps feature elevation data--so if you go over an overpass, you'll see the road rise on the map--and 3D buildings and landmarks for some major cities. This additional visual data, along with lane guidance, makes the AVN726e a great navigator for drivers who rely on landmarks to get around.

Check out the full review of the Eclipse AVN726e.