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Northeastern states band together, develop a unified EV charge network

The eastern seaboard is working to create a unified strategy across states from Maine to Virginia for the expansion of an electric vehicle charging network.

Not too long ago, electric vehicle chargers were something of a rarity outside all but the biggest metropolitan cities. Now, things are different, but the infrastructure for long-distance travel by electric car still needs some work. This is why the states along the east coast of America, from Maine to Virginia and Washington, D.C., are banding together to build out their network of charging hubs.

Having one coordinated strategy across many states is incredibly smart, and something that the rest of the country should look at adopting. Much like the rail lines on the east coast, having a well-thought network of chargers in place for a variety of use cases will make getting around in EVs cheap and convenient.


Building a robust network of chargers across multiple states under one unified plan will make EV ownership in the NE more attractive.

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"[The Northeast is] a unique area where people work and live in different states, or have family nearby, and people are frequently traveling through states on a daily or weekly basis," said Elaine Grady, senior policy adviser for Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, in a statement to Automotive News.

"It's not enough for states to say they are going to have charging networks near where they live. They have to coordinate with other states so that there is a consistent and convenient charging network throughout the region because of the geographic proximity and small size of states on the East Coast," Grady continued.

The initiative will receive funding from a variety of sources including state legislatures, private investors and the fund set up by Volkswagen as part of its diesel cheating settlement.