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2018 Easter Jeep Safari concepts teased

It looks like we might see a Wrangler-based Jeepster concept.

The all-new 2018 Wrangler will obviously have a starring role in this year's Easter Jeep Safari lineup.


Never mind the obvious religious holiday; we love Easter because of Fiat-Chrysler's annual bounty of Easter Jeep Safari concepts. We'll see the full lineup of one-off off-roaders next week, with these two teaser images previewing all the hotness to come.

No doubt, the brand-new Wrangler will feature heavily in the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari concept portfolio. In fact, both of the teaser images posted here show modified versions of the tried-and-true Wrangler. We're not exactly sure what the one up top previews, but the image below foretells something super-special.

Slanted hardtop? Jeepster badge? Oh yeah, we're stoked.


Notice that badge just ahead of the front door? Looks like it says "Jeepster." As in, the iconic two-door Jeep from decades ago with an iconic slant-back hardtop. That seems to be exactly what we have here, but with some serious off-road mods. Check out those chunky tires, gas cans strapped to the rear door and a full-size spare inside the rear compartment.

Of course, Jeep would be remiss not to feature the rest of its off-road-ready lineup in the 2018 Easter Safari. We fully expect to see special versions of the Renegade, Compass, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, many with Mopar accessories that you'll soon be able to buy. Check back next week for all the details.