Earnhardt Jr., others in major Nascar wipeout

This web video and blog takes a peek at this year's Daytona 500 race where Dale Earnhardt Jr. ends up starting a multi-car wreck in the middle of the race.

In my blog yesterday, I commented about an article I was reading on MSN.com about the need for heroes and villains in Nascar. In the article, Buddy Baker comments that the best way to become a "bad guy" in the world of Nascar is "Bumping Dale Earnhardt Jr.," who is genetic Nascar royalty (being the son of racing legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.).

I don't know if this wipeout officially made Brian Vickers a villain to Nascar fans, but I found this wild video of Vickers blocking Earnhardt at the 2009 Daytona 500, which led to Earnhardt's vehicle catching Vickers's car and a multicar wreck ensues. Several notable drivers are sent for a spin, including Jamie McMurray and Kyle Busch (who I did a video blog on yesterday, coincidentally). If any Nascar fans reading this want to give me your observation on this crash (who's at fault, and so on), please leave a comment.