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EA ramps up the realism in Need for Speed: Shift

CNET Car Tech had an opportunity to play a preview build of Need for Speed: Shift.

Corvette in NFS: Shift
EA ramps up the realism for Need for Speed: Shift. EA

We love racing games here at Car Tech. So we jumped at the opportunity to play a preview build of its upcoming Need for Speed: Shift when we were invited by EA.

Need for Speed: Shift is the first of a three-pronged split of the Need for Speed franchise that will also include Nitro--a casual, arcade racer--and World Online--sort of a racing sim MMORPG.

We were particularly blown away by the fully modeled interiors of the vehicles, which included fully functional gauges and mirrors. Having recently sat in many of the test vehicles, we were impressed by the level of detail. For example, the in-game Corvette featured the same head-up display as the 2009 Corvette Convertible we'd tested earlier.

Need for Speed: Shift is expected to be released in the fall for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Check out our gallery with more photos and details.