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e-XIV electric concept revealed for Paris Motor Show

Korean automaker SsangYong released renderings of an extended-range electric vehicle it will unveil at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

SsangYong e-XIV
SsangYong's Paris concept uses a range-extended electric drive system. SsangYong

Although e-XIV looks like it should mean e-14, Korean automaker SsangYong intends the tortured acronym for its new electric concept to stand for electric - eXciting user Interface Vehicle. The press release announcing the new concept did not go into details of what the user interface might be like, but did mention it would be electrically driven, and include a gasoline engine to generate electricity once the batteries are depleted.

The vehicle renderings show many cues standard on recent concept vehicles. The rounded front and LED lights all around are reminiscent of such past concept cars as the Citroen Revolte. Oversized wheels on what looks like a small SUV have also been a common theme with recent concept vehicles. The small SUV style is somewhat illusory with the e-XIV, as the concept is just over 5 feet high. With only two doors, it seems more like a hatchback.

Another common feature of recent concept cars is an electrified drivetrain. SsangYong gave few details about the e-XIV except to note that it would use an electric drive motor and range-extender gasoline engine. Solar panels on the roof are designed to provide extra electricity.

The concept represents an affirmation of SsangYong's vitality, as the company was saved from bankruptcy last year by Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra.

The concept will be unveiled during the press preview for the 2012 Paris Motor Show, beginning on September 27.

SsangYong e-XIV
The e-XIV is classified as a B-segment vehicle in Europe. SsangYong