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Dual's cradle adds GPS to iPod Touch, boosts battery

For users who want to add GPS navigation to their iPod Touch, the Dual XGPS300 is a possible solution, if they can get over the sticker shock.

Dual XGPS300 in hand
The Dual XGPS300 adds GPS and battery extender capabilities to Apple's iPod Touch. CNET TV

The Dual XGPS300 GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle is a double-purpose iPod Touch accessory, but its dual nature doesn't stop with its functionalities. For every pro that we found with the device, there was an equal and opposite con. Like flipping a coin, we kept coming up 50/50.

We liked that the XGPS300 increases the functionality of the iPod Touch by adding GPS and battery extender capabilities, but we weren't fans of the fact that the device makes users manually switch between those modes. We also liked that its battery extender makes the device useful even when you're not using its included NavAtlas app to get from point A to point B, but we didn't like the XGPS300's high price tag.

The list of praises and criticisms goes on and on, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Check out the full review of the Dual XGPS300 GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle for iPod Touch for the final score, more details, video, and photos.