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Driving in "Snowmageddon" 2010

In case you were lucky enough not to have to drive in the blizzard of 2010, this video will give you an idea of what it was like for many drivers over the past couple weeks.


As we all know by now, over the past week (or so) the East Coast has recently suffered one of the worst winter storms ever. In fact, some have referred to this blizzard as "Snowmageddon" due to the turbulent, unforgiving nature of this regional weather system. Despite the hazardous conditions, many antsy, adventurous drivers have documented their attempts to brave the elements and drive around in these icy and snowy conditions with the end result being a video on YouTube. Because of their valiant efforts, parts of the world that are not having to endure this commuting nightmare might get a glimpse of what it's like to drive around in this mess. And today's video features the adventures of fearless pioneers in their 2000 Subaru Outback.

This video provides an inside the car perspective to just how much snow has landed and how its downfall has impacted the visibility of drivers. Around the 20-second mark the snow drifts and precipitation is so intense that visibility is basically nil. Then around 1 minute, the Subaru comes upon a vehicle (a FWD according to the notes on YouTube) stuck in the road. Apparently the snow on this hill is so thick and the traction so lacking, it can't move. And the entire trip you can hear that engine working to push those tires through the snowy, icy conditions. Thankfully, it appears the worst is over for our friends on the East Coast, but if or when it happens again I hope everyone will continue to make their commutes as safe as possible. I may put up more video this week of safe driving tips and/or things to avoid if you must drive this muck, but I'd say a good starting place would be to not film yourselves driving in the middle of a blizzard. Just my opinion.