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Drifting with Jaguar

German drifting video featuring the Jaguar XJ sedan.

For whatever it's worth, the new Vin Diesel racing flick Fast and Furious topped the box office charts over the weekend. So, I thought it timely to bring you a drifting video for today's blog. And keeping with the "All About Jaguar" theme for this week, I managed to find a recent online video featuring someone drifting in a Jaguar XJ sedan.

This video apparently comes from Germany, and it features some cool drifting moves in what appears to be a mid-2000's edition of the Jaguar XJ sedan. The soundtrack goes along real well with the video, too. The Jaguar sedan would not be what I'd imagine to be an ideal pick to do some drifting in, but there lots of people who like to modify cars and get the way I see it, if you can rock it, do your thang baby.