Drako GTE electric supercar gets a shakedown with former Lamborghini test driver

Valentino Balboni, the man formerly in charge of tracking Lamborghinis for a living, had good things to say about the GTE.

For those with questions surrounding the 1,200-horsepower Drako GTE electric supercar and how it handles itself on the track, the company has just the man to put worries to rest.

On Wednesday, Drako published a new video that stars none other than Valentino Balboni, the former chief test driver for Lamborghini. Balboni knows a thing or two about how performance cars should handle at the limit; the man shook down his fair share of supercars in his 40-year career with Lamborghini.

His impressions reveal a pretty delightful car for the track. "I truly love the way this car feels as it turns in and transitions through the corners -- it is something I have not experienced before in a car with these dimensions," he said. "I didn't want to stop, it's a really compelling and addictive drive."

Interestingly, Balboni wasn't only blown away by the power, even though there's a tremendous amount of it. Four motors deliver the astonishing power figure and the firm's DriveOS works to provide perfect torque delivery to each wheel individually. 

The former Lamborghini guru specifically named the turn-in feel as an area that "elevates" the GTE above rivals. Granted, there aren't many other performance cars dishing out this kind of power, but Drako has specifically checked the Tesla Model S as a target.

Production for the supercar is now underway in two flavors. There's the standard GTE with everything mentioned here and the GTE Track Edition. The big difference between two is a higher-output battery pack, adjustable suspension and a set of wheels and tires specifically for track days. Though, buyers still get a setup for the street, too.

Is it all worth $1.25 million? That's for the rich and famous to decide.

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