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Drag race a Scion tC RS 5.0

Scion offers a virtual version of its tC Release Series 5.0 for the game Nitto 1320 Legends.

Scion tC Release Series 5.0
The tC Release Series 5.0 can be had in both real and virtual versions. Scion

In conjunction with the launch of its tC Release Series 5.0, a Scion tC featuring racing components, Scion is offering 2,000 virtual versions of the car for the online drag racing game Nitto 1320 Legends. To get the car, you will have to register for and download Nitto 1320 Legends, a free game, and poke around the Scion tC Release Series 5.0 Web site to find an Easter egg. Once found, enter your username for the game, and the site will let you know if you've won the car. Scion is giving away the virtual racers every 15 minutes from March 17 through mid-April.

The real Scion tC RS 5.0 looks pretty good, with a black paint job and red pinstripes on tires wrapped around 18 inch wheels. The car is fitted with parts from Toyota Racing Development, including lowering springs, a rear sway bar, and a sport exhaust. The car doesn't have any engine mods, but at $19,970, you can probably afford the TRD supercharger.