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Don't forget to feed the 'leccy meter: Tesla opening European showrooms

Tesla is planning to open new showrooms in Europe, and you'll be able to see the 60mph electric Roadster in the flesh at a London location

Electric-speedster manufacturer Tesla is heading for Europe this summer. The company is planning a batch of new showrooms, three of which will be in Europe.

Tesla's three existing Californian showrooms will be joined by ones in New York, Seattle, Chicago and Miami, with Washington DC and Toronto also on the cards. This side of the Atlantic, millionaire's playground Monaco and autobahn heaven Munich will be getting showrooms. And here's the good news: you'll be able to surf the Web, take a test drive and see the Roadster in the flesh in London, home of CNET Towers, the Queen and the congestion charge.

Hang on -- what congestion charge? Snap yourself up a Tesla and you'll be able to hit 60mph in less than 4 seconds, without paying Boris a penny. Actually, the only way you'll hit 60mph on a London street is if you're dropped from a plane, but you know what we mean.

CNET UK's award-winning Car Tech series goes way back with the Tesla Roadster: we test drove it in Geneva, and this could be our chance to get gearhead-in-chief Rory 'Roadhog' Reid behind the wheel of the new Tesla S sedan. The location of the London showroom is as yet unconfirmed, but we're reasonably certainly it'll be closer to Park Lane than Peckham.