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Dodge's new SRT Demon teaser showcases 200-pound weight loss

Even without additional power, less weight equals improved performance.

Every week from now until the New York Auto Show in April, Dodge will release a new teaser video for its new Challenger SRT Demon. The second teaser is here, and it's all about slimming down.

Last week, we met a feline robot that morphed into a demon -- because the Hellcat is making room for the Demon, which is likely to surpass it in both output and capability. This week, we get to see an actual car, at least -- but not for very long.

What we can tell for certain is that the Demon will be way lighter than the model it outdoes. It will tip the scales about 200 pounds lighter than the 707-horsepower Hellcat. The video also shows tweaks to the suspension, brakes, chassis and seats.

The front axle seemed rather lit up, too, but with all the stress on mass reduction, I don't know if it'll be all-wheel drive. That would increase mass and shift the weight balance even further forward than it already is, and the Hellcat's already at about 57 percent. Only seven more days until we (maybe) find out.