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Dodge recalls 1,207 Hellcats for massive oil cooler leaks

As if the Hellcat twins needed any additional way to lose traction.


When your engine loses a whole lot of oil in a hurry, things can go very, very wrong. That's the reason behind Dodge's latest recall.

Dodge issued a voluntary safety recall for 1,207 examples of the 2017 Charger Hellcat and 2017 Challenger Hellcat. Approximately 10 percent of the vehicles covered by this recall should carry the defect in question. The cars carry build dates between February 6 and May 30, 2017.

It is generally advised to stop driving a vehicle after the windshield gets covered in oil.


The issue stems from the oil cooler, which, well, keeps the oil from boiling. One of the lines connected to the cooler might fail -- in nerdier terms, the crimped joining of a polyethylene hose to an aluminum tube might separate. If that happens, the vehicle could lose a great deal of oil in very little time.

Obviously, oil on the ground can come in contact with the tires and cause a loss of traction that could lead to injury or a collision -- which isn't exactly a non-issue for a car with 707 horsepower. Oil could also spray onto the windshield, obscuring visibility, and if it contacts something hot, it could start a fire. Furthermore, if a driver continues to operate the vehicle as oil pours out, the engine could seize up, potentially turning itself into a very expensive paperweight.

A quick swap of the oil cooler lines will remedy the issue. Owners will be notified via first-class mail some time in late September. If anyone already paid for a service to fix the lines, Dodge will reimburse owners who provide proof of payment.