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Dodge previews the Demon's expanded Performance Pages capabilities

New tech features help drivers achieve quicker runs and record performance data.

Another week means there's another teaser video from Dodge for the Challenger SRT Demon. In the latest installment, Dodge chose to highlight the additional capabilities of the Demon's Performance Pages system.

Fancy new Performance Pages tricks include real-time graphic display of horsepower and torque with plotted gear changes, and record power level and performance gains from Direct Connection Performance Parts. The Performance Pages system will also let drivers use selectable line-lock, and adjust the launch control system and the instrument cluster shift light for each transmission gear.

Dodge says the Demon will also be the first factory production car to have an After-Run Chiller, to keep the cooling fan and intercooler pump running after the engine is shut off, until it falls to a certain temperature.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will have its full unveiling at the New York Auto Show in April.