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Dodge Demon hits 203 mph in about a minute

You'll need to do a couple things to make your own Demon capable of that speed, though.

The Dodge Demon is the gift that keeps on giving -- and we're not just talking about web traffic. It'll give you one hell of a quarter-mile run, it'll give you a permanent smile and, apparently, it'll also give you membership to the 200-mph club.

Johnny Böhmer, a genuine speed freak and a big fan of standing-mile top speed runs, recently took an ever-so-slightly modified Dodge Demon up to 203 mph. It only took the drag-racing beast about a minute to hit that speed, which is simultaneously awesome and terrifying. Aweso-fying? Terri-some?

Ordinarily, the Demon is limited to 168 mph because the Nitto tires that come with the car are only rated up to that speed. But if you install the Dodge-supplied Demon Crate Powertrain Module, which doesn't have a speed limiter, and slap on a set of tires with a higher speed rating, the sky's the limit.

It's not advised to exceed a tire's speed ratings, because handling can get wonky and there's no guarantee that the tires won't just give up under the increased physical forces.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)