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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon sits low and wide on standard drag radials

In fact, it's the first factory production car to come standard with drag tires. Don't try to use them in the winter.

Dodge's latest teaser for the Challenger SRT Demon, which debuts at the New York Auto Show in April, gives us some juicy details regarding the car's bodywork and how it'll keep its power going to the pavement.

The video itself is short and doesn't say much, but the press release talks a bit more. The Challenger SRT Demon will pack some fat wheels and tires -- 18-inch alloys that measure 11 inches wide, shod in 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radials. The wheels are tires are the same across both front and rear axles, so perhaps those rumors of all-wheel drive carry weight.

Yes, you read that correctly. NT05Rs are basically pure drag tires with small channels cut into them to make 'em road legal. The NT05Rs for the Demon are designed and developed just for Dodge, and there's even a little Demon logo on the sidewalls. Cute!

The wide wheels and tires means the body will need to widen, as well. Thanks to a new set of fender flares, the Demon is a full 3.5 inches wider than your average Challenger. Hopefully you're not parallel parking this thing in Manhattan.