Dodge Challenger SRT Demon leaves us asking, 'What's in the box?'

If you want to give your car an extra dose of drag-strip madness, that's what the Demon Crate is for.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

In its latest teaser for the Hellcat-stomping Challenger SRT Demon, shows off the car's "versatility."

We're still about two months away from the Demon's reveal at the New York Auto Show , and the teaser train shows no signs of slowing down. This one is all about the Demon Crate, a special equipment pack that turns the car from a street menace to a proper drag-strip dominator.

Dodge won't give out specifics just yet, but it claims the crate will contain 18 parts that prepare the car for the drag strip. It includes performance parts, track tools, spare wheels and something called the "Demon Track Pack System," which sounds menacing. It probably won't contain wheelie bars and a drag chute, but it's likely to boost the Demon's drag performance in a big way. And it looks like at least two of those tires will be skinnier, which will help its straight-line strip performance.

I think there's an extra hint in the images provided alongside the teaser. The crate comes with a plate that has the owner's name, the car's serial number and its VIN. On the example here, the serial number is "0757." Given the Hellcat has 707 horsepower, could the 757 hint at the Demon's power output? Dodge isn't saying anything, but we'll find out soon enough.

Dodge SRT Demon Crate
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Dodge SRT Demon Crate

Perhaps the "0757" serial number is a headfake. I wouldn't put it past Dodge.