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Diagnose Your Vehicle's Maintenance Needs With This $40 OBD2 Scanner

Find out exactly what your ride needs with this sensor and connected smartphone app.

A Fixd OBD2 scanner rests near a phone displaying diagnostics using the app.

Ever panic when your check engine light comes on? What about other maintenance alerts? An OBD2 scanner will help you gain valuable insight into the health of your vehicle by diagnosing error codes and sending information right to your phone. Normally $60, Best Buy has cut the price of the Fixd OBD2 scanner to just $40. However, this price cut is only for today.

This device is easy to install -- the sensor plugs right into the OBD-II port of most gas-powered vehicles from 1996 onward. The Bluetooth technology wirelessly syncs with an app on your smartphone. It's compatible with both iPhones and Androids. While the app is free to use, you can also unlock additional features with a Fixd premium subscription, but it's not required to make great use of this device.

Not only does the app tell you which component is having issues, but it gives details about how serious the problem is so that you can make the best judgment for how to proceed with maintenance and repairs. Plus, you can grab a Fixd sensor for every vehicle in your household and sync them to one app so that you can keep track of everything from one place. The sensor can even keep up with your maintenance schedule and send reminders so you can get your vehicle serviced on time.