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Denny Hamlin wins Tums Fast Relief 500, but...

...a lot of people are still talking mostly about Jimmie Johnson, the man that Hamlin beat on his way to this victory. Here's highlights from Hamlin's win from Martinsville in the Nascar Sprint Cup Chase.


Chances are if you're reading this, you're probably aware by now that Nascar driver Denny Hamlin won the Tums Fast Relief 500 "chase race" in Martinsville yesterday, where he led the race for over 200 laps. It's a big victory for Hamlin, not just because he guaranteed victory in Martinsville where he was squeezed out earlier this year by rival Jimmie Johnson, but also because it breaks Johnson's fall winning streak at this famous speedway. Hamlin's win on Sunday also broke Johnson's winning ways in this year's Chase as well.

But all everyone seems to be talking about is Jimmie Johnson, who came in second place at yesterday's event and how his advantageous points lead in the Sprint Cup Chase almost make him the winner as a foregone conclusion. ESPN even did a feature about this very concept, and here I am doing the exact same thing. It's really too bad, as this was one of the biggest victories of Denny Hamlin's career. Here's the final few laps that cemented Hamlin's win at Martinsville yesterday. However it's probably a bittersweet victory for Hamlin, who at one point declared himself the man to beat in the Sprint Cup Chase, as Jimmie Johnson still looms large as the seemingly sure bet to claim the Nascar championship once again this year.