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DeLorean thanks its fans with a strange new video

On the eve of its resurgence, DeLorean is once again producing something, even if it's just a slightly odd two-minute video.


Much to the delight of its devotees, DeLorean Motor Company is slated to start producing its famous DMC-12 once again. The car, inexorably linked to the "Back to the Future" movie series, will enter a small production run starting in the next couple years. To thank its fans for keeping the love alive, DeLorean produced a strange video.

It's an advertisement in the same sense that a perfume ad involves perfume, however vaguely. This two-minute spot involves a man, a coin and the aforementioned DMC-12. Expecting more than that? You're just going to have to wait.

DeLorean Motor Company is able to re-enter production thanks to a revision in the US Federal Highway Bill called the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. It gives small-batch companies the ability to manufacture small numbers of replica vehicles without having to conform to complicated (and very expensive) modern-day safety regulations.