A new DeLorean DMC-12 seems possible as Italdesign teases future plans

The VW-owned Italian firm posted to social media teasing something for the near future to celebrate the original DMC-12.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Italdesign DeLorean teaser

Well, this is exciting.


DeLorean is a company with a rich history and a passionate following, so imagine the sheer joy fans will feel knowing there may actually be a new DMC-12 on the way. It looks like that is the case after Italdesign, a Group subsidiary, teased a future vehicle. The company noted the DMC-12's 40th anniversary and said there's no better way to celebrate the milestone than with a "sneak peek of the (near) future."

We can clearly see an illuminated DMC badge, and the gullwing doors are unmistakably DeLorean. It's quite a surprise for Italdesign to drop in our laps, and I'm already eager to learn more about this project. Italdesign isn't a carmaker, but it is part of Lamborghini -- will it actually build new cars? Will anyone be able to buy one? We don't know and Italdesign didn't immediately return our request for comment. Hopefully, it's not just a one-off concept, though I suppose that would still be a wonderful tribute to the famed DMC-12.

For those scratching their heads on what's the big deal, the DeLorean DMC-12 was a real production car built between 1981-1983. The company infamously collapsed after founder John DeLorean was accused of drug trafficking, though he was proven not guilty. Despite the end of DeLorean Motor Company, the car found a cult following, especially after its starring role in Back to the Future. Even though the DeLorean was seen as a hyper sports car with time-bending abilities, it wasn't all that powerful, believe it or not.

Nevertheless, the edgy-wedgy car lives in the hearts of fans to this day. Hopefully, Italdesign nails a possible second-generation car. And if the car won't be for sale, take solace in knowing DeLorean is actually back in business with plans to build "new" DMC-12s faithful to the original cars, potentially this fall.

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