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Dealers and pimps: Lexus makes F accessories available a la carte

Dealers and pimps: Lexus makes F accessories available a la carte.

IS or IS-F? It's difficult to tell CNET Networks

When Lexus unveiled its IS-F sedan at the Detroit auto show this year, it was the first factory-tuned model that we had seen from the Japanese automaker. Today, Lexus unveiled a range of performance accessories to allow owners of standard IS250 and IS350 models to cash in on the "F" factor by pimping their rides with their choice of performance-enhancing components.

F-branded 19-inch forged alloy wheels are one of the available options. CNET Networks

IS drivers will be able to choose from a number of dealer options, including upgraded brakes, a carbon-fiber engine cover, a performance air-intake, and F-branded 19-inch forged alloy wheels. According to Lexus reps, the accessories will be available a la carte starting in early 2008.

To drive home the F-brand message, Lexus is making the 417-horsepower IS-F available for test drives on a private track here at SEMA, an opportunity that we intend to take full advantage of.