Dario Franchitti wins at Indy Grand Prix Sonoma

Dario Franchitti returned to his winning ways in Indy Car racing as he dominated the Indy Grand Prix at Sonoma yesterday at Infineon Raceway.

Gary Spencer

In case ya didn't know, I report to the Cnet offices here in beautiful San Francisco, California. Being a current resident here in Northern Cali, I have seen many commercials for the Indy Car competition at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. Given its proximity to this author and the hype surrounding one of the bigger races on the Indy Car calendar, I decided to give today's video blog to covering yesterday's 2009 edition of the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma.

As some of you may know, Indy Car is very stingy about letting video out to the public beyond their ordained resources, so therefore the best video I could find online comes from what appears to be a fan in the stands at Infineon Raceway recording the race on whatever portable device s/he may have. This short video covers the final laps during the Indy Car Grand Prix at Sonoma, in which the commentators have established that former NASCAR driver and returning Indy Car pilot Dario Franchitti (yes, the guy who's married to Ashley Judd) led the race for damn near its entire duration and eventually claimed victory. I for one think that the beautiful NoCal landscape at Infineon is just as marvelous to look at as the race itself, and I wish that I could've been there, no matter how uneventful the race itself was.