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Danica's first day stock car reactions from Daytona

IndyCar phenom and NASCAR would-be Danica Patrick reflects on her first stock car test for ARCA at Daytona Speedway.

Monday's video blog featured Venezuelan-born race car driver Milka Duno making her first attempt at stock car testing for the Automobile Racing Club of America at Daytona International Speedway a little over a week ago, a foray that turned out to be pretty successful. But it seems it's hard to write about or discuss Duno without IndyCar superstar Danica Patrick being referenced or mentioned in some form or another. Well, sure enough the TV commercial sexpot and would-be NASCAR-bound Patrick was also getting in on the stock car fun at the ARCA's Daytona event December 18 through 20, which is reportedly also Danica's first stab at stock car testing.

With her qualification during this test race, Danica is now slated to appear in an ARCA race on February 6 at the world-famous Daytona Speedway, and she is scheduled to debut in a NASCAR event later in the month at California Auto Club Speedway. Though this video isn't the most exciting thing in the world, it presents Danica giving her insights on her first official stock car event and her orange and green Chevy blazing around the track. If nothing else, this video and the news around it should officially mark Danica's entry into the world of stock car racing.