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Daimler wants roomier Smarts

Automotive News reports on Daimler's plans to add seats to the Smart forTwo.

Automotive News

STUTTGART, Germany--Smart wants to get more passengers into its ForTwo minicar. "By varying the wheelbase length of the current midengine platform, we could develop additional models, with 2+1 or 2+2 seating," said Anders-Sundt Jensen, head of the Daimler subsidiary.

The German magazine auto motor und sport reports that Smart will introduce its next-generation family of models at the 2010 Geneva auto show. The magazine reports that variants with names such as the ForOne, ForThree, and ForFour are being discussed.

Smart's plans are a big change from a few years ago. Slow sales caused Daimler to stop making the Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupe at the end of 2005 and to end production of the Smart ForFour in mid-2006.

(Source: Automotive News)