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Daimler Vision One electric semi truck promises 215-mile range

It's not quite ready for the long haul, but it's getting there.

Daimler Trucks

Daimler and its 10 billion subsidiaries aren't about to confine EVs to being passenger vehicles alone, and its Vision One proves it.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks, unveiled the E-Fuso Vision One alongside the Tokyo Motor Show Thursday. This all-electric big rig builds upon the company's experience electrifying smaller trucks, and it's all part of an attempt to electrify Fuso's entire lineup in the near future.

The Vision One is just a concept, but it promises a very quiet future for logistics. With a battery capacity up to 300 kWh, the Vision One can chug along for about 215 miles between charges. That's not enough juice for proper long-haul trucking, but Daimler says it's more than enough for intracity work, which is a good starting point.

Unlike other electric truck concepts, this one looks pretty ready for production.

Daimler Trucks

With a payload of 11 metric tonnes (about 24,250 pounds), the Vision One can nearly match the payload capacity of Fuso's similar diesel offerings. Daimler claims that the Vision One could be viable for production in "mature markets" within four years.

Fuso is also spinning off its electrification efforts under the E-Fuso name. Every truck Fuso produces will, in the near future, have an electrified counterpart, whether it's fully electric or just helped along with batteries.

Daimler also announced that the first bunch of its all-electric eCanter electric box trucks have been delivered to customers, including 7-Eleven, UPS and Yamato Transport. With just 62 miles of range from its batteries, it's relegated to around-town duty, but Daimler believes the eCanter can save companies up to $1,200 in operating costs for every 6,200 miles driven.