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Daimler unveils 100-mile electric school bus

It'll hit US roads in 2019.

Even the bus itself must occasionally go back to school.

Daimler today introduced the Saf-T-Liner C2 Electric Bus, or Jouley for short. Its premise is pretty simple -- it's your average school bus, except the diesel powertrain was ditched in favor of a pure battery-electric solution.

I highly doubt the kids will call it Jouley. They'll probably dislike it as much as any other school bus.


Daimler estimates that the 160-kWh batteries inside Jouley will be enough for about 100 miles of range. There will be optional, larger battery packs for less consolidated school districts, as well, but Daimler didn't get into specifics there. It can hold up to 81 students.

If this school bus looks familiar to you, it should. It comes from Thomas Built Buses, a major supplier of school buses and, as it happens, a North American Daimler subsidiary. The company builds four different models under the Saf-T-Liner name, including Jouley, as well as a minibus with the adorable name Minotour.

Daimler expects Jouley to start shuttling students in 2019.