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CVS Pharmacy prescriptions go high-tech with self-driving delivery

Self-driving technology startup Nuro will start delivering prescriptions in June.

Nuro CVS Pharmacy delivery
Nuro: Now ready to deliver prescriptions.

As we continue to sort out life in the coronavirus era, many households are making use of delivery services for things like groceriesbaby food and pet supplies. Soon, Houston residents will be able to have their CVS Pharmacy prescriptions delivered with a self-driving car performing the service.

Once again, it's Nuro stepping in to flex its self-driving software. The startup said Thursday its partnership with CVS will allow it to test prescription deliveries in the Houston area across three ZIP codes near one particular pharmacy. Those who place prescription orders on CVS' website or smartphone app will have the option to select delivery via one of Nuro's autonomous pod cars. They'll also be able to add other various items to their order for delivery.

To ensure that strangers can't just pick up someone else's medications, the Nuro delivery vehicle will require the recipients to verify their identification before it unlocks the area from which they can retrieve their deliveries.

The CVS partnership is natural progression after Nuro's previous engagements. The company's self-driving pods have delivered groceries for Walmart and Kroger customers, and Nuro's autonomous vehicles began delivering goods for some California residents California residents during the coronavirus pandemic. Nuro also happens to be the first company to receive an exemption from the US Department of Transportation. The waiver allows Nuro to operate its car, the R2, on public roads even though it doesn't have a human driver or manual driver controls.

Houston locals will get the option of autonomous deliveries starting next month. If you don't need a prescription in Houston, Nuro's R2 will also deliver your Domino's pizza, too.

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