Auto Tech

Customizing the Ford Transit Connect van

This Web video commercial demonstrates how the award-winning Transit Connect van can be customized for your business.

I'm sure I've baffled a few readers after several days of Web video on Ferraris and then totally switch gears and start showing videos of minivans, showing moms and their little kids. But variety is the spice of life, my friends, and besides, the thing won a prestigious award at the International Auto Show in Detroit this week for being "Truck of the Year" (interesting, seeing as this is a cargo van, but anyway...). Tuesday's Web video demonstrated the Ford TC's usefulness as a family vehicle, but today's clip basically serves as a commercial for how the TC can be customized as a commercial or business vehicle.

And when I say this Web video is like a commercial, in this case it means I can't discern for certain if the content here is made up and we're listening to a script read by an actress, or if this woman and her "Boo Boo Buster" business is legit. Either way, the video aptly demonstrates how dynamic the Ford Transit Connect is as a utility vehicle in addition to being a suburban soccer mom minivan. There's so many different things one could do with the TC that it's not hard to see why this vehicle is an award winner.