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Crash test mania: Toyota Camry vs. Yaris

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently celebrated its 50th year of wrecking cars for the sake of human life. Today's showdown is between the Toyota Camry versus the Toyota Yaris.


About 50 years ago, a nonprofit organization called the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was founded to conduct research on consumer automotive safety and preventive measures to reduce vehicular crashes and personal injuries that occur in car crashes. Recently the IIHS made news by crash testing a car from the era of its inception, the 1959 Chevy Bel Air, against a 2009 Chevy Malibu. The video for the Chevy crash test is readily available, but to sum it up, automobile safety features have come a long way, baby.

Today's video clip is also part of the IIHS crash experiment archives, and we see its test of two recently made Toyota sedans going head-to-head. This frontal offset test shows that the Toyota Yaris is clearly less safe for driver and passenger than the Toyota Camry. Unlike the crash test from yesterday's video featuring Chevy cars from notably different periods, the disparity in safety between these comparably aged cars Toyota makes is intriguingly similar to the Chevy crash test. I know the dollar-saving attributes of a Toyota make it slam-dunk for a lot of car buyers, they still might want to consider the "what if" factor of an automobile crash and which car provides them with the best survival odds.