Crappy Clunker Yugo Taken out by Tank!

In the final episode of this week's look at some of the biggest clunkers in automotive history, we see the hunk of metal known as the Yugo pushed to its limited limits and then put out of its misery by tank fire. Propa.

Auto Tech

As we've seen this week, some automobiles generally referred to as "lemons" or "clunkers" find new life as modified street racing cars or as nostalgia novelty acts. But some cars are so lame and unattractive that they're forever known as a joke vehicle. Probably the best example is presented here for you today in the form of the Yugo 45.

The Yugo is a crappy little compact that was foisted upon the American market from Europe, and was belittled so much in the States that in 1991 the Yugo couldn't even break 4,000 units sold. The car was such an automotive punchline that listeners of NPR's "Car Talk" proclaimed it the "worst car of the millennium". (As a sidenote, I remember that my brother once stumped Click and Clack during a phone call to Car Talk regarding his dysfunctional 1988 Suzuki Samurai).

This highly entertaining video features a snarky British dude first driving an old compact Volvo which he shortly crashes into a tree. Then he gets behind the wheel of a Yugo 45, where he makes light of its lacking ability to make 60 miles per hour, its braking capability, and the car eventually gets passed on the road by kids on bicycles. After all the insult and injury, the bloke breaks out a window and then breaks out an artillery tank that opens fire on the poor, pitiful Yugo out in an open field...seems like a fitting end to not just this car, but to theme of putting clunkers in general out of their misery by any means necessary.

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