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How the pandemic is changing auto shows

From New York to Paris, these glossy, heavily attended industry events are reeling from the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 has upended lives and devastated economies around the world. One small part of that: From New York to Geneva, auto shows have pretty much all been canceled because of the global pandemic. In fact, the only show we've covered so far this year was Chicago, and that was way back in February before everything imploded.

There are far bigger problems to deal with than a few canceled car events. But with the calendar basically wiped clean in 2020, will these big, glossy shows ever come back, and if so, when? Things seem pretty bleak right now, but event planners and car manufacturers alike are looking ahead and preparing for the future.

There are many variables in play and things can change in short order, but according to the experts, auto shows are far from dead. They may look completely different from what we're all used to, and they may be restructured in a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other diseases, but it sounds like they will still be a thing, and thank goodness for that! Make sure to watch the video conveniently embedded above for all the details on the future of auto shows, where they're going, how they might change and when you might be able to attend one in the future.