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CoPilot Live free edition: Maps included

ALK Technologies announces a free edition of its CoPilot Live navigation app, which not only includes turn-by-turn directions, but also maps downloaded to the phone.

ALK Technologies
CoPilot Live free
The free edition of CoPilot Live includes route guidance. ALK Technologies

Navigation apps for iPhone and Android are becoming a dime a dozen, and most people find Android's own Google Maps navigation more than adequate. But these apps rely on a data connection, downloading map data as you go. ALK Technologies will be offering a new, free edition of its CoPilot Live navigation app with maps downloaded to the phone.

Although most people use navigation in urban areas where there is a data connection, the advantage of maps stored on the phone is less wait time for your current location to show up on the screen. And if you do get out of data range, where you might need maps the most, CoPilot Live will still work.

The maps alone for North America take up about a gigabyte worth of space, so you might have to do some data cleaning to load this app up.

And, as you might expect, the CoPilot Live free edition is not as robust as the paid version. Although it includes full maps, POIs, and can calculate a route to your destination, it will not dynamically update the route if you get off course. And it will not provide voice prompts for upcoming turns.

To make money off this plan, the CoPilot Live free edition will let you add features within the app, such as traffic data or dynamic route calculation. ALK Technologies has not said how much these options will cost.

The free CoPilot Live navigation app should be available by the second week of March for iOS and Android.