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Cooler Racing!!!

In my third blog post on redneck driving and vehicles, I take a look at off-road cooler racing. Yee-haw!

So far this week, we've seen the sometimes creative, sometimes jury-rigged, and often times hilarious self-modified vehicles that only the American redneck can concoct. With that in mind, I'm pleased to present the viewer with the motorized cooler, and the world of cooler racing.

This vid comes from, where we get to witness the excitement and drama of an off-road cooler relay race. There's everything here you'd get in a typical car or dirt bike race: a couple of wheelies, some crashes, and some rednecks. This modern invention is quite handy--not only can you ride around the block, but you can get yourself a fresh can of beer right outta seat at the stoplight. I'm just waiting for a Cooler Racing tournament to be featured on ESPN 2 or X Games. Cheers!