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Converj won't emerge after all

Automotive News reports that Cadillac's Converj concept will remain a concept.

Automotive News

The Cadillac Converj concept, like Bob Lutz, is fading away. In January, General Motors' vice chairman told members of the Society of Automotive Analysts that the plug-in hybrid concept would be produced sometime after 2012.

The two-seater was to use the same plug-in technology as the Chevrolet Volt, which debuts late this year, and the Volt's sibling, the Opel Ampera.

Since then, Lutz has announced that he is retiring May 1. And now word is that the Converj is dead.

"It has always been a concept," said Cadillac spokesman Nick Twork. "It was never announced officially that we were going to do the Converj. We never issued a press release."

Lutz now concedes the Converj is not heading to showrooms. In a text message last week, he said, "Simply, other priorities and the conviction that the Volt and Ampera will use all available capacity for years to come."

(Source: Automotive News)