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Control your Genesis remotely with new Google Assistant app

It's as easy as saying, "OK, Google, tell Genesis to start my car."

Automakers are no strangers to releasing apps that bring vehicle connectivity into a smart-home environment. The latest one pairs Hyundai's new luxury brand with Google Home.

Genesis announced Wednesday a new Genesis app for Google Assistant. It'll give owners the chance to use voice commands via Google Home, as well as voice or text commands via your phone's Google Assistant, to send instructions to the car.

The new Genesis app supports remote start, setting the climate control, remote locking and unlocking, remote horn and lights as well as sending a destination to the car's navigation system. Users will have to supply a PIN in order to send the command through, so your child won't be able to start the car in the middle of the night for fun.

This new integration is part of the Genesis Connected Services package. All Genesis buyers receive three complimentary years of service, and after that, there are paid plans to keep the service active.