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Contour+ is our new favorite sports camera

The Contour+ sports camera is simple to use, with pro-level flexibility and quality; however, Contour's lower-priced options may be more appropriate for casual users.

Josh Miller/CNET
Josh Miller/CNET

There's a new king of the sports camera hill and it's called the Contour+. This camera packs in every trick in Contour's book, including GPS location technology, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, and an established rail-mounting system. It also brings a few new tricks in the form of an HDMI output, a microphone input, and a higher-quality, superwide-angle lens.

Here's a wee bit of inside baseball: If you've checked out a recent episode of Car Tech Live, you've likely already seen the Contour+ in action. We've been using the HD sports camera to record the in-car footage for our On the Road segment for the past month. We've found that while not nearly as rugged as our previous favorite, the GoPro HD Hero, the Contour+ hardware is much easier to use, particularly when paired with the free Contour app for iPhone. (An Android version is just around the corner.)

Check out the full review of the Contour+ to see just how it earned our Editors' Choice award.