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Continental's CES 2018 stand is all about the battery

It will show off both a wireless charging scheme and a clever system called AllCharge.


Continental is a big supplier, but its ideas are even bigger, if what it plans to show off at CES is any indication.

One system it will show at CES is a wireless charging network. That might not sound novel, but it's a bit more involved than you might think. Continental's setup relies on the idea of widely available microcharges -- with wireless chargers installed all over the darn place, EVs will receive small bursts of charge throughout the day, and hopefully by the time drivers return home, they won't need to plug in.

Continental doesn't actually make cars, so it has to use renderings of ridiculous non-vehicles when it creates concept art. This car is... on the unfortunate side of vehicular aesthetics.


We first took a look at this wireless EV charging system back in May. It presents an interesting challenge by relying on a large quantity of wireless charging spots. Whereas traditional charging stands may not require digging up whole swathes of asphalt, trying to add wireless chargers down a street could get pretty expensive when it comes to both parts and labor costs.

The second system is one we haven't talked about before. It's called AllCharge, and unlike the previous idea, it sticks with standard wired charging. The AllCharge system, which sounds like it exists in the car itself, promises the ability for an EV to hook up to just about any charging point, regardless of voltage, current type or charging rate.

Perhaps even more interesting is that AllCharge can give back just as easily as it can take. AllCharge-equipped vehicles would be able to act as mobile power banks, providing AC power to whatever without any extraneous equipment. Continental envisions its use at tailgate parties and remote work sites -- anywhere a power hookup is appreciated, really.

While these are two pretty important concepts for the future of our EV-riddled roads, that's not all Continental has in store for CES. The company will also show off its phone-as-a-key system, which it has installed in Avis rental vehicles as part of a pilot program in the Kansas City area.