Continental's CES 2019 booth is all about letting the car do the work

Whether it's parking or anticipating hydroplaning, Continental's got a solution in the works.

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Continental is an automotive supplier that generally arrives at CES with a whole wealth of future technologies to preview. Guess what? The story stays the same at CES 2019.

At CES 2019, Continental will show off a variety of future vehicle technologies based on making life easier for the driver. The tech spans different arenas, whether it's parking or even something as simple as opening a door. Some of it is new, some of it might build upon existing tech, but odds are most of what's seen at CES will, one day, end up in a car you can buy.

Autonomy is, of course, still a very hot topic, and Continental will have some automated tech on display at CES. Its "trained parking" system is especially neat: The vehicle will record and store inputs for a parking maneuver, such as a tricky corner, and the car can then act out those maneuvers autonomously later on using an app to activate.

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Tricky garage location? All of a sudden, it's not your problem anymore!


Continental's "smart autonomous door" is another tech that steps in and takes pressure off the occupants. The door is capable of determining when it's going to strike an object, and it can warn the cabin or stop the door from contacting anything else. This kind of tech actually already exists in the real world -- the doors have sensors that stop the hinges when opening into an object.

Sensors are a big part of next-gen vehicle tech, whether in doors or monitoring the road itself. Continental will showcase its whole portfolio of sensors, including cameras that are capable of reading splash patterns on the road and determining whether or not a vehicle is about to hydroplane.

There's plenty of other stuff Continental has in store for CES, too. Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow in January, because we'll be live on the show floor at CES, bringing you all the interesting automotive tech we can get our hands on.

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