'Consumer Reports' smarts ForTwo

Automotive New reports on <i>Consumer Reports</i>' review of the Smart ForTwo.

Automotive News

Automotive News

Consumer Reports has panned the Smart ForTwo in its August issue, calling the ride "horrendous," the handling unresponsive and the engine noisy.

"A car like this should be fun and zippy. Sadly, the Smart is neither," according to the magazine.

Consumer Reports also criticizes the transmission, saying it shifts "in an uncomfortable way, with pauses and heaves between gears."

While, according to the magazine, the fuel economy of 38 mpg that its tests have averaged is a high point, the fact that the Smart requires premium fuel is simply "unforgivable."

Smarting from the rebuke, a Smart spokesman said: "Ultimately, the customer decides a vehicle's popularity. You can look no further than the 10,000 Smart ForTwos on U.S. roads in less than six months and an order bank of more than 30,000 reservations to understand the enthusiasm for this brand."

(Source: Automotive News)