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Consumer Reports finds Scion most reliable brand

In the annual Consumer Reports reliability survey, Scion topped the list of most reliable cars based on owner reports, while Jaguar showed as the worst.

As a cheap platform, Scion models have been favorites for accessorizing. They make upgrading cabin tech easy with standardized steering wheel controls and dashboard openings. Toyota offers a line of accessories from its Toyota Racing Division (TRD) to make the Scion look good, and perform slightly better.
Josh Miller/CNET

Consumer Reports released the results of its annual car reliability survey today, and Scion came out as the top brand, with the fewest reported problems.

Scion cars proved the most reliable, according to owners contributing their experiences in the latest survey by Consumer Reports used to predict car reliability. The report, released today, compiles survey results for 28 brands. The least reliable cars, according to the survey, bear the Jaguar badge.

Along the Scion range, the xD scored the best, while the xB model was the worst, although all were well above most other brands. Lexus, another brand from Toyota, grabbed the No. 2 spot, and its CT200h model proved the most reliable, even more so than the Scion xD. Toyota-branded cars showed up at No. 6 in the survey.

The Jaguar XF appeared at the bottom of the list as the worst model for reliability, although the XJ did not rank much higher, bringing the whole brand down to the bottom.

Porsche appears second from the bottom, although last year it was second from the top in the survey. Consumer Reports attributes the change to a poor debut for the 2010 Cayenne update and the fact that only two Porsche models appear in the survey.

Nissan showed the greatest reliability range between models. Although the brand appeared in ninth place, its Z model approached Jaguar problem levels. The Titan pickup truck was Nissan's best model in the survey. Nissan's Infiniti brand came in at No. 7.

Ford dropped 10 places on the list from last year, down to No. 20 this year. Consumer Reports attributes that ranking to owner-reported problems with MyFord Touch and the dual-clutch transmission used in the Fiesta and Focus.

Chevrolet appeared at No. 17 in the rankings, with a range as broad as Nissan's. Its top car for predicted reliability was the Volt, while the Silverado 2500 pickup was at the bottom of its range.

Consumer Reports based its 2011 report on predicted reliability on responses from 1.3 million of its readers who own or lease the cars included. For a model to be included, it must have at least 100 owners or lessees participating in the survey.