Conquest Vehicles' Knight XV: Flashy, bulletproof

Web video of the Knight XV. This limited-run, fully armored, SUV boasts a V-10, 6.8-liter engine in a military-inspired body.

Suzanne Ashe
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Suzanne Ashe

Conquest Vehicles doesn't want you to think small and economical when you can think big and bulletproof.

The Canada-based automaker recently released this promo video of its flagship vehicle, the Knight XV. The fully armored, handcrafted SUV boasts a 6.8-liter V-10 bio-fuel-powered engine. According the company's Web site, it will only build 100 Knight XVs.

Its standard features include: Leather six-way electric conference and cabin seating, dual-screen rear console with remote controlled inputs, Mickey Thompson 40-inch Baja tires, front- and rear-mounted night-vision cameras, and armored glass.