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Coming soon: Control car functions from smartphone with AutoBot

A new smartphone application, AutoBot, will allow drivers to control several car functions.

AutoBot will be shown at CES 2011. AutoBot

Mavizon Technologies just introduced AutoBot, a smartphone application that allows drivers to control several car functions with the push of a few buttons.

The new app will be available in 2012, but you don't need a brand-new car to use it. According to Amy Gilroy at CEOutlook, it will work in all vehicles with an OBD-ll port (1996 or later). Drivers can sync information with a their home computer using a cloud-based account.

AutoBot functions will allow the driver to lock and unlock doors, control window settings, start the car, and even locate the car if it gets stolen.

There are other features that will allow drivers to check engine functions and get tips on saving money.

Mavizon will show AutoBot at CES 2011. When it launches, it will be available for a fee with some free services.