Cobra Tag finds your lost keys, phone, other junk

The Cobra Tag sensor and app comes to the rescue for those who often lose their keys.

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The Cobra Tag sensor ties your keys and your phone together via Bluetooth.
The Cobra Tag sensor ties your keys and your phone together via Bluetooth. Cobra Electronics

For some odd reason, I put my keys in a different place every time I take them out of my pocket at night. The problem is that I can never remember these unique locations when the time comes to retrieve those keys. The simple solution would be to change my behavior, but I'd rather solve my problems with technology and apps. Enter the Cobra Tag by Cobra, a two-part hardware and software solution to finding your misplaced stuff.

The first part of the system is the Cobra Tag sensor, a small electronic dongle that can be attached to a keychain, purse, backpack, or other valuable item that you'd like to keep track of. The second part is the Cobra Tag app for Android or BlackBerry devices that allows your smartphone to communicate with the Cobra Tag hardware via Bluetooth connection.

When you lose your keys, simply launch the Cobra Tag app on your phone and activate an audible chime from your keychain. The connection is bidirectional, so in the event that you misplace your smartphone, you can tap a button on the Cobra Tag sensor to ring your phone. Of course, the phone and the tag have to be within Bluetooth range to communicate. However, the extra paranoid can also activate a function called Phone Halo to automatically lock down the smartphone when it gets outside of the range of the Cobra Tag sensor.

Of course, if you misplace both your keys and your phone, you'll be without a way of finding either. Plus, you'll have lost the $59.95 Cobra Tag sensor. So, you won't be completely absolved of the responsibility of keeping up with your stuff when the Cobra Tag by Cobra debuts in July 2011.

Update: Cobra has not announced iOS compatibility, so we've removed the iPhone from the list of supported devices.