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CNET hands-free calling center

CNET covers various Bluetooth options for in-car calls.

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One feature we look for in every car we review at CNET Car Tech is Bluetooth hands-free cell phone integration. In addition, we've looked at a number of car stereos with Bluetooth and other in-car hands-free devices. The need for hands-free cell phone integration has just become much more important for millions of drivers in California and Washington, as new laws make it illegal to hold a phone and talk while driving. There is some question as to whether merely talking on a phone or holding up to your ear is the most important distraction. Personally, I want all the drivers around me to have both hands on the wheel, or be able to get that way fast when the need arises. I don't think people are prone to just dropping the phone, even when faced with an impending accident.

If you want to see some of your options for hands-free devices or cars with Bluetooth built in, take a look at the CNET hands-free calling center.